Refund/Return Policy


Happiness Guarantee:

In order to qualify for our money back guarantee your return must be postmarked within 30 days of the original order date and be unopened and in new condition.

If your products are open, not in new condition, or postmarked within 30-60 days you may exchange your product(s) for another amazing Arieyl product.

Any products marked non-returnable or seasonal on our website can not be returned or exchanged.

Since there is a discount on our packages please note the package discount will be forfeited if the package is not returned in its entirety.

A 10% restocking fee applies to returns

Shipping fees and other fees are non refundable

Bath fizz, Dog Treats and Seasonal Products are non returnable.

Product must be in original packaging.

Fee may be waived when exchanging for another product.